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One of the most significant features of a home is the  carpeting because it provides sound absorption, insulation, and it also acts as an environmental filter for trapping airborne soil, allergens, and dust. Even when carpeting isn’t located throughout the entire home, it still deserves attention and care.

Because indoor environments can have up to two to five times the amount of pollutants in comparison to the outdoors, with carpets being the main holders of these pollutants, it’s critical to clean carpeting using professional techniques. If you don’t, there could be numerous health risks.

When our professional carpet cleaning technicians work in a residential home, they discuss with the homeowner which furnishings they would like moved and which they would like left alone. Under some circumstances, homeowners prefer that furnishings not be touched because they’re antiques or too heavy for lifting. In most cases, our service team will move furnishings as necessary to clean the carpeting from wall-to-wall.

Our residential carpet cleaning services include the carpeting in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, dens, and any other area throughout a home. The spaces in doorways receive the highest amount of traffic, so that’s where our highly-trained professionals will focus their attention first during their initial cleaning. That way, the matted down carpeting and stains will begin coming up with the first pass and work their way out throughout the rest of the cleanup.

Our process includes:

•An inspection during the initial consultation

•Vacuuming of all rooms, if necessary

•Pre-treatment room-by-room, if necessary

•Extraction to rinse and neutralize the carpeting

•The application of an optional stain protector

•Follow-up inspection of every carpet that was cleaned

Once the process is complete and Guelph Carpet Cleaners has conducted their follow-up inspection, they’ll schedule another maintenance cleaning with the homeowner for six to twelve months later. How often the cleanings occur is dependent on how humid the area is, as well as how much foot traffic the home receives. Some homes can wait up to 18 months between carpet cleanings, too, if the rooms receive minimal use.

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