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Area rugs are a useful and beautiful addition to the rooms of homes, but they also have a tendency to attract soil and become dirty. Let Guelph Carpet Cleaners bring out the brilliant colours or patterns in your area rugs and have it looking as good as new. Through the use of our premium cleaning products, you won’t feel a sticky residue that’s dirt-attracting left behind. That way, your area rugs will stay cleaner longer. We also have an optional protectant we can apply so your area rugs can stand up better should everyday spills or other mishaps occur.

We clean area rugs with care and attention, ensuring every detail is attended to, and your investment is protected. We have specialized cleaning tools and equipment we use that’s expressly designed for cleaning area rugs. This equipment allows us to use a robust cleaning process that’s not only effective, but also gentle and soft on your area rugs. We also use a specialized technique for drying that minimizes wicking and preserves the dyes in your area rug. That way, every part of your rug will remain fresh and vibrant just like the day of its original purchase.

Because some area rugs, like Oriental rugs, for example, require special care, we use specialized tools and equipment for such jobs so that the colours, patterns, and fibers won’t become damaged throughout the cleaning process. It’s our mission to keep the integrity of the rug intact, as well as restore its original beauty. It may take additional time to clean these kinds of area rugs.

Attention to detail is a trademark mission of Guelph Carpet Cleaners, and we stand by our commitment to providing the highest quality of service with every job we do and that includes every type of area rug we clean. If you have an area rug that’s particularly problematic, then it’s critical that you bring it to our attention as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring.

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