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Guelph Carpet Cleaners is your one stop cleanings services company. The #1 Carpet Cleaning in Guelph. We also do Area Rug Cleaning; Tile & Grout; Upholstery; Both Residential and Commercial. Give us a call for a quote!

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Your Clean Carpets – Our Pleasure

What many individuals don’t realize is carpets can hold as much as four times their weight in dirt and allergens. For maintaining a healthy business or home environment, keeping carpets clean is a must and should occur once every twelve months. For those living in areas of Ontario with high humidity, with someone who smokes, or with pets, it should happen more frequently. We are the best carpet cleaning Guelph has to offer.

  • Use our booking page or the button on the home page for an instant appointment. If you have a job with complications, a call to receive a custom quote is the recommendation.
  • You’ll get a visit from one of Guelph’s courteous and highly trained carpet cleaning technicians in Ontario on your scheduled date unlike they have ever been before.
  • Enjoy the benefits of having a clean business or home.

About Carpet Cleaning Guelph: What You Should Know

When hiring a carpet cleaner in Guelph, ensure you find out about any hidden fees you may encounter above and beyond the costs you discuss and agree upon beforehand. For example, other companies may quote you a price that may sound cheaper in the beginning and then the costs could increase once the technicians are inside your business or home due to add-ons. With Guelph Carpet Cleaners, these add-on costs are never an issue, and everything that is needed to complete the carpet cleaning is within the initial price quote.

Guelph Carpet Cleaners

A carpet cleaning service with a central location in the city of Guelph, providing services here and in the surrounding areas. In addition to providing carpet cleaning services, the professional service technicians also clean mattresses and upholstery. With years of experience making carpets, mattresses, and upholstery look like brand new, our aim is to make our customers happy. Not only is it our goal to make each experience hassle-free, but also cost-effective for our clients.

We work diligently to ensure our costs don’t exceed the original quote you received during the client consultation. We’ve made a firm commitment to our customers that no hidden fees will ever be a part of our business, and we’ve stood by that throughout our years of service. It’s for that reason Guelph Carpet Cleaners is a company that so many have grown to trust and rely on for their carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaning needs.

We ensure our standards meet CCOHS, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, and have remained compliant throughout our years of service. It’s this commitment to excellence, as well as the high standards we set for our customers, that helps set us apart from other carpet cleaning services in the industry. Our history of positive experiences with clients can attest to this.

Make a Good Carpet Cleaning Choice in Guelph

Even though it’s imperative to choose the right carpet cleaning company in Guelph, Ontario, it’s also essential to know that whatever will work best for your carpet is dependent upon the materials your carpet is made from, as well as its age. You should also be aware that some Ontario area carpet cleaners may trick you into believing they’re using the best methods and techniques for cleaning carpets, when they actually aren’t. You want a carpet cleaner who will do a professional job and that’s why Guelph Carpet Cleaners should be your choice for your home or business.

Our company will provide the best possible assessment personally to ensure your carpets receive the right treatment. Our company’s mission is to professionally clean your carpets and mattresses in a safe and cost-effective manner. For example, if you have natural fiber carpets, we’ll use a hot water extraction method to ensure the fibers don’t shrink.

After Carpet Cleaning Care

When you have your carpets professionally cleaned, it’s your responsibility to keep them stain free. You’ll also need to vacuum them on a regular basis to ensure they stay as clean as possible.

How Can You Count on Carpet Cleaning Services in Guelph, Ontario?

We offer several different services, each of which is outlined on Guelph Carpet Cleaner’s Services page, to all of our business and residential clients, depending on your needs. Before beginning any job, we will determine which options are best for our customers depending on the types of carpets that need cleaning. We’ll also look at the age of the carpets, as well as the traffic patterns.

Interim Carpet Cleaning

All workplaces throughout Ontario have a myriad of high-traffic areas, and these are the places where the most dirt attracts. It’s also where the most wear and tear occurs. Regular carpet cleaning helps keep these areas looking like brand new.

Spot Carpet Cleaning

You’ll see technicians working on this process when only specific areas of the carpet have unwanted spots that need removing.

Anti-Static Electricity

Guelph Carpet Cleaning will treat carpets with a unique spray to help prevent the building up of static electricity throughout the room.

Fabric and Carpet Protection

This offering is not only for carpets, but also soft fabric materials. Once steam cleaning is complete, customers are made aware of the fact that the solution does eventually begin wearing off after a period. Therefore, a reapplication is necessary.

It’s time to stop worrying about carpet cleaning and let the professionals take over. Our professional, highly-trained technicians use top of the line equipment that will erase all grime and dirt leaving your rugs spotless and like new. Request a free consultation and receive an instant quote so you can have your carpets cleaned today.

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